We build business infrastructures so you don’t have to be the power source that keeps the flowing.

A foundation for work that’s powerful, invisible, and critical.
You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

We give you the tools to do what you do, better.

The Confluence Group is a venture impact studio: we’re a creative management consulting team that works with maturing businesses to embed systems that transform how you do what you do. We help you build infrastructure that empowers your team to focus on the impact you're here to make, instead of the effort required to make it happen.

We’re led by the vision and values of good infrastructure, but for business:

Good infrastructure provides the resources and connections for a community to do more than just survive. You’re not a startup anymore. You’ve got a team that needs support to thrive. You need systems for leading and working that deliver - adaptably, reliably, resiliently, and on-demand.

Good infrastructure is designed to include everyone, now and into the future. It’s not a shortcut. It’s not about immediate results. It’s an investment in intergenerational equity, legacy, big picture potential, and the strength to weather the inevitable storms.

Good infrastructure is something everyone relies on, but nobody sees. It just works, allowing people to travel at high speeds, see in the dark, summon water and power, work collectively and for the public good. It’s always available, because it’s not just YOU.

Just surviving isn’t good enough anymore. Let us show you how to thrive.

And when everyone has what they need, this is where the energy goes:

Who We Are

Confluence is led by Certified Management Consultant Larry Sparks (CMC, PMP). Larry has over 25 years of experience working with business leaders to solve tough problems.

His expertise comes by way of the real life ups and downs of being a business owner, an executive director, a board member, and a champion for infrastructure asset management (the physical kind: pipes, roads, etc.).

He came to the realization that infrastructure, though often invisible, often taken for granted, is the key that opens the door to so much collective good. For businesses, it means healthier workplaces, farther-reaching results, and stability and sanity for freshly energized leaders.

Larry Sparks

We’re here to invite you to a new era of how you do what you do. Our mission is to support the dynamic, the human, the aspirational attitudes that drive your team’s unique character, energy, and culture. We’re here to be a contagious force for positive change.

~ Larry Sparks, Client Experience Lead

Why Us?

We may not be big, but we’re small.

The passion and grit of small business is in our DNA. We know the unique challenges and the heartfelt solidarity of running with a small team, because we’ve been there and we are one. Your dreams are bigger than life, but your budget is down to earth. We see you. We got you.

We prioritize people and profits.

Not one or the other. Both. You know that increasing profits is important, but not just for its own sake. Margins mean you can realize the changes you care about, for the quality of life of everyone around you.

We make sure the work is worth it.

No busywork or pointless data gathering just to pad out a glossy report. We don’t dash off an opinion then leave you in the same place you were. We’re in it for the deep work that moves the needle, and we respect the effort that goes into good change that lasts. We stay by your side and empower you to achieve real gains (in profits, people, culture, and vision) and a new way to work.

We set you up, then set you free.

The tools, the data, the decisions are all yours. You’re never locked in long-term, or reliant on our systems or software. You can keep the party going if you want to, not because you have to.

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